Lecturing and Subject Coordination

ISYS90051 Impacts of Digitisation with Martin Gibbs and Melissa Rogerson. University of Melbourne, 2016-2018.

GRAP2221 Design Studio: Digital Practice, HCI-mobile with Scott Mitchell. RMIT, 2017


ISYS90051 Impacts of Digitisation. University of Melbourne, 2015. 

Guest Lectures 

MULT90004 Sustainability Governance and Leadership. University of Melbourne, 2017-2019. 

ISYS90032 Emerging Technologies and Issues. University of Melbourne, 2015-2017. 

ISYS90031 Research Methods in Information Systems. University of Melbourne, 2015. 

Professional Development 

Melbourne Teaching Certificate for Graduate Researchers. University of Melbourne, 2016. Two-day course for graduate students taking teaching responsibilities. 

Introduction to Effective University Teaching. University of Melbourne, 2015. A series of seminars and practical workshops offered by Department of Computing & Information Systems. Assessed through short teaching activities and written assignment. 

Curriculum & Instructional Design 

Introduction to Computing. The Build Project, 2010-12. Developed two-year syllabus for ESL students to introduce concepts of computer use, common software packages and creative use of the web and social media. Created online teaching materials, learning and assessment activities, and provided coaching to volunteer teachers. 

Teaching ESL Students 

English language assistant (France 1994, Spain 1998-99) 

Private English language tutor (Spain 1998-99)